Who Is Tony Rogers? (A Brief Bio)

Born and raised in Sydney, where he still lives, Tony   had several occupations after he graduated from      university in 1960.  At first his family and teachers blithely went about under the misapprehension that he was going to be a secondary school teacher, but Tony’s love of jazz got in the way of their fantasy.  Bikwil editor Tony Rogers, wanted for questioning regarding allegations of foolish behaviour in retirement

Having failed to make enough to live on from music, however, Tony was soon forced to eke out a layabout existence supported by his friends and an occasional stint as a cleaner and bookstore salesman.  Eventually, some sort of common sense prevailed, and in 1963 he took a position at the State Library of NSW, where he remained in dubiously gainful employment for the next ten years.  During that time, however, he had got bitten by the computing bug, and it was in the data processing field that he spent the rest of his so-called working life.

When he took early retirement in 1992 to pursue what he fondly refers to as his “interests”, a loud sigh of relief was heard from the teaching, music, librarianship and computing professions alike.

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