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Let's Face It

Belatedly putting paid to malicious rumours, the January 2012 issue (No. 89) is now available to subscribers.  

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Of course, to fully enjoy the content of our magazine — just as it was originally published — you'll have to pay a visit to our treasure-trove of painstakingly preserved back issues.  Some of our most read essays, stories and poems are listed in the panel on the left.

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Have you tried our Random Read pages yet?  They allow you to get an essay or poem selected for you at random.  You decide prose or verse, serious or whimsical, then we do the rest.

Emily loves this feature.

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For example, are you familiar with Closer to Truth?  Or The Nitpickers Site?  Ingenious?  The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest?  They all deserve your immediate attention.  So, see you later.

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If you want fuller details of Bikwil's history and purpose, you should turn to the About Us page, which provides an outline of the rationale and history behind the magazine and Web site — plus much, much more. 

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As for those enjoying the understated pleasures of Bikwil for the first time, we hope you'll feel moved to contribute

All you students, for example — whether you're studying literature, history, sociology, the environment, art, science, music, the media, linguistics, etc. — why not write us something on your interests? 

And you retired folk?  What about you?  How about telling us about your hobbies? 

Whatever your age, however, we encourage you all to read our advice to contributors.

Failing the urge to write, if you have a suggestion for something you'd like us to write about, please let us know.

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Most of all, of course, we'd like you to subscribe.  Emily continues to assert that you can get Bikwil for free.  Is she deluded?  See for yourself — on the Subscriptions page. 

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