Rock On, Rock ON
[ Issue 48 ]

Rock On, Rock ON intrigues Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil introduce you to Rock On, Rock ON

Rock On, Rock ON

In the Web Line column for Issue 48 Tony Rogers points like-minded readers to some "just-off-the wall" sites.  So if you don't hate clowns, but loathe telemarketers, read on.  If you detest both, so much the better.

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


These three sites aren’t “crazy” exactly — they’re probably better characterised as “just off the wall”.

First, come and enjoy Rock On, Rock ON! “This site is dedicated . . . to the work of San Francisco balanced rock sculptor Bill Dan and to the art, discipline and craft of rock balancing in general . . . , with information about naturally balancing rocks and world-wide stone balancing and rock stacking traditions.” There are some remarkable photos here and even some short videos of B.D. and others in action. See: anything bizarre takes time and patience.

Now we’re off to The No Clown Zone. Are you one of the millions of Bikwilians who suffer from chronic coulrophobia? If so, this site, which began in 1996, might give you some relief from your completely understandable fears. Just keep taking the downloads. Why, man, there’s games to play, a store, other things to do, a forum, free stuff — plus email addresses you can get for an annual fee.

Lastly today, let’s have some Fun with Telemarketers. Like me, you probably need to brush up on your prank-call technique. You know, for that special occasion — especially dinner time. The name of the game is obvious, so say no more. Well, say this much: some of it may be risqué, but you might be inspired by this man’s example to fight back yourself

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