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We've said it before, and here we go once more — confessing sins of commission and sins of omission.  Tony Rogers again apologises for some reader-discovered errors in Bikwil.

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Corrigenda — Tony Rogers


Here are some corrections to published errors that have been pointed out to me recently.

I’ll take them chronologically.

My No More Separation Anxieties, Please in Issue 27 (September 2001) contained this passage:

[Six Degrees of Separation] . . . directed by Fred Schepsi and starring Will Black, Donald Sutherland, Stockard Channing and Ian McKellen, it tells of a young man who turns up one night at the home of a swanky New York couple and cons them . . .

As most of you already know, it should’ve said “starring Will Smith”.

On to the next error.

In Bet Briggs’ poem After Rain (Issue 43, May 2004) I mistyped a word, not once, but twice. The word in question was stain, wrongly given as strain.

So, in the first stanza it should read:

. . . small precious gems
on thirsting stems
the vital stain
that floods through vein
of stem and leaf . . .

Likewise, the last few lines of the poem should read:

. . . and heart regain
its vital stain
once more.

Again in Bet Briggs’ work (For Joan, Issue 44, July 2004), the word hear should, of course, be here:

. . . your words will be here for us to hold and cherish for their truth

Finally, in the same issue (No. 44) there is an attribution missing from Eileen Marshall’s piece I Can't Find Rhymes for My Couplets — and Other Catastrophes:

[ This has previously appeared in Newswrite, the newsletter of the NSW Writers Centre. ]

Apologies and thanks.

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