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Language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour all deserve Emily Bronto's approval

Bikwil offers acclaim to language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour


In the Editorial to Issue 43 Tony Rogers uses the phrase “modest but addictive international success”.  What on earth could he be talking about?

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Seven — Tony Rogers


Not the Seven Churches of Asia, nor the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Not the Seven Hills of Rome, either. What about the Seven Years War? No, not it. Not The Magnificent Seven. Not even the Seven Deadly Sins.

What then? Simply this: I reckon that on this seventh anniversary we all should congratulate ourselves on having made Bikwil the modest but addictive international success it has become. So here’s to all of you. For my part, Bikwil has given me enduring satisfaction as I’ve brought to you the quiet enthusiasms of readers like yourselves. It may be running on the smell of a few oily rags, but against all odds it is running.

And here’s to another seven years. I having nothing to offer you but more of the same: essays, stories and poems — serious and whimsical — antidotes, all of them, to you know what.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to continue being part of our outrageous adventure.

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