May I Never Cease to Wonder
[ Issue 42 ]

May I Never Cease to Wonder delights Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil unveil the charm of May I Never Cease to Wonder

May I Never Cease to Wonder

Bet Briggs' poem May I Never Cease to Wonder celebrates “Earth’s splendour”.

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May I Never Cease to Wonder — Bet Briggs



May I never cease to wonder
when, sun appearing at sea-sky brink,
light breaks like soundless thunder
and earth opens like a flower to drink
sun’s beauty and beauty render.
For world in morning light is Eden
and I’m new-born and innocent again.

Wonder is for children. Men
engage in calculation, tending
the garden of the universe to glean
the nature of Nature, rending
as they probe the Many from the One.
But a child who is as bud becoming
flower, is harmonious with sun
and garden, is a living wonder
wondering at earth’s splendour.

Eternal with sun’s spinning
light, I would be as child, remain
the mind becoming, bud beginning,
opening every day to praise again,
to grace the garden blessed with innocence
and render in my growing, love and radiance.

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