Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head
[ Issue 42 ]

Emily Bronto clearly approves of Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head

Bikwil is proud to feature Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head

Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head

In the Web Line column for Issue 42 Tony Rogers returns once again to everyone's favourite type of site — the Weird and Wacky type.  This time we get to love five batty places of interest.

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


It’s Weird and Wacky Web time!

If you love garden gnomes, please don't visit Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head. On the other hand, provided you have a sick sense of humour, rush right over there. You can even buy a Die Screaming mug at their shop. Or a pair of boxer shorts. Or a baby's bib already.

“Who do the aliens choose, and why haven't they chosen you? If they won't contact you, contact us!” Alien Abductions Incorporated is out of date (1999), but who cares, if you’re having interstellar fun? Contribute yourself! Surely you have a personal abduction story that you’d like to share?

The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page is already up to Version 2.0. Come see “the most modular cow in existence”. One might question whether this site is worth the time wasted. And it’s out of date. Mind you, aren’t we all?

Headache, anyone? Try Find the Black Dot.

Language Removal Services is a pioneer in the arena of language removal for vocal applications. Our laboratory is, we believe, the only one of its kind in the world.” But what do they do? Prepare yourself for a surprise. People who have received the LRS treatment include Gertrude Stein, Maria Callas, Robert Hughes, Noam Chomsky, Sylvester Stallone and Princess Diana. My favourites, though, are Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Mingus.

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