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In the Editorial to Issue 41 Tony Rogers asks, "What was your magic occasion?"

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Jazz with a Twist
— Tony Rogers


Let’s get the “twist” part out of the way first. Simply put, I’m twisting your arm again. I need some more contributions.

This time, it’s a particular type of submission I’m thinking of, or, more accurately, a particular subject for submissions. I’ve been turning this idea over in my mind for a while (and even sounded a couple of you out on it), and the start of 2004 seems a good time to announce it

What I want to do is begin a new series called How I Became Interested in Jazz.

Perhaps you heard a record on the radio that seemed somehow “different” to all the other music they played. It certainly wasn’t classical music, but it had some special quality that attracted you away from the run-of-the-mill pop music everyone else listened to.

Maybe an uncle of yours turned up with a new record: “You’ve got to listen to this!” Or was it seeing the movie The Glenn Miller Story?

Whatever it was, if you love jazz, you’ll be sure to remember that magic occasion. So please write us a piece all about it: I know there will be lots of readers looking forward to this series.

More pointedly, I know that many readers have had an abiding interest in jazz for decades — some in a professional capacity.

In other words, no excuses!

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