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Language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour all deserve Emily Bronto's approval

Bikwil offers acclaim to language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour


It's the Editorial to Issue 40, and Tony Rogers announces three pieces in the issue that have their origins in previously published Bikwil material.

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Business Arising
— Tony Rogers


Over the next few months I’m going to try and report on a few observations that readers have passed on to me. Some of these are brand-new ideas, while others arise out of pieces that have previously appeared in Bikwil.

This issue, for instance, contains an article that harks back to one of the articles in our Memorable Moments in Music series — the one I wrote about Australia’s first piano (Clavierübung, Issue 20, July 2000). Look for this bit of very interesting feedback from a Canadian reader on page 7 under the title The Worgan Family and Their Musical Times.

Also in this issue are two solutions, one to the Five Houses puzzle and the other to Kwizz Gig 3.

You know, that Five Houses puzzle has stirred up quite a bit of interest among our readers, several of whom have contacted me to see if they had correctly deduced who the wretched fish lover is. They had.

But once I put it on the Internet will it become as famous as our Twelve Billiard Ball puzzle?

Allow me to suggest that you watch this space.

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