[ Issue 37 ]

Sehnsucht intrigues Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present Sehnsucht


Sehnsucht by Meistersinger Matthias is the sixth in our occasional verse series Dreadful Doggerel

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Sehnsucht — Meistersinger Matthias
[ Dreadful Doggerel No. 6 ]



I wish I could be tutoring
A backward child on Mars;
For then I might go shootering
With all the pretty stars.

I wish I were a pumpkin,
So round and firm and green;
For then I might go jumpkin’
With my friend the bean.

I wish I could write poetry
That didn’t sound so forced;
For then I might rhyme “moietry”,
Instead of making do with verse that’s blank.

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