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In the Editorial to Issue 37 Tony Rogers is lured into a Wodehouse detour and feels all the better for it.  What he was really trying to do, however, was acknowledge Bikwil’s sixth birthday.

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“Now We Are Six”
— Tony Rogers


Yes, it’s true. This month marks Bikwil’s sixth anniversary.

The phrase, of course, is A.A. Milne’s.  Now We Are Six (1927) was the second of the four immensely popular books of stories and verse that featured Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh and their friends.

Contrary to established legend, Milne hardly ever read the poems and stories to his children. He preferred to amuse them by reading from the works of P.G. Wodehouse. Mind you, it’s a safe bet that the kids would have been much older than six before they found the following passage about a “beautiful baby” contest funny.

There were, it seemed, to be three prizes and about the first one there could be no question at all. It went automatically to a heavy-weight mother with beetling eyebrows who looked as if she had just come from doing a spot of knitting at the foot of the guillotine. Just to see those eyebrows, Freddie tells me, was to hear the heads dropping into the basket, and he had no hesitation, as I say, in declaring her progeny the big winner.

The second and third prizes were a bit more difficult, but after some consideration he awarded them to two other female plug-uglies with suspicious bulges in their stockings.

[ From Noblesse Oblige, one of the stories in Young Men in Spats ]

Anyway, here’s to Bikwil’s seventh year! Your Time Starts Now. Onward and upward.

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