the dubbinternet
[ Issue 36 ]

the dubbinternet delights Emily Bronto

Bikwil celebrates the dubbinternet

the dubbinternet

In the Web Line column for Issue 36 Tony Rogers glances again at some weird and wacky Internet sites.  First up is the dubbinternet.


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Web Line — Tony Rogers


As this issue features another article about the Internet, this column will be brief.

Let’s relax and look at a trio of weird and wacky sites that haven’t been mentioned here before. (They have appeared on the Bikwil Web site, however.)

It’s conceivable there still exist a few people who believe that Dubbin is a British non-shine waterproofing wax, but a few minutes at the dubbinternet should soon put them right. Did you know, for example, that “the secret, sordid history of dubbin” reaches back to Shakespeare, who discovered it in 1288, “whilst holidaying near a chimney in Slough”? Or that you can buy it from “most mountaineering or fetish shops”?

Totally Absurd boasts the slogan “The Funniest Patents on the Planet!”™ These are genuine patents lodged with the U.S. government and those of other countries. The Alarm Fork, the Brain Buzzer, the Fingertip Toothbrush, the Greenhouse Helmet, the Meditation Bag, the Ski Fan . . .

Cheekily displaying the slogan “Get an Afterlife”, the wonderfully sick Corpses for Sale not only sells cadavers, but also offers (for just $US19.95) step-by-step instructions on how to “build a lifesize, realistic, decaying corpse in the privacy of your own home”. (You don't need any prior experience, either.) Just make sure you visit their Hate Mail and Great Mail subpages before you depart.

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