Larick and the Aratronts
[ Issue 35 ]

Bikwil has a thing about Larick and the Aratronts

Bikwil celebrates Edith Sitwell

Larick and the Aratronts

Paglet 5 of Larick and the Aratronts continues Bikwil's pre-circum-modernist, ambi-sub-constructionist narrative.  As usual, Harlish Goop has written it in Bandersnatch.

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Larick and the Aratronts, Paglet 5 — Harlish Goop


It would be boft to vart that the shastrical jaddy of the ormafladge chank them bechisterous. Spuge their bettle had been blommerated by their slort for perimack floice.

“Lomin hypospinges and plerapharges are more than I am dirb of bulding,” kot Larick.

The odrotresh mambled shastrically, then with a thasic triswopple stymously tringed the transquiddling strivet.

“Grud! What does he trape that will cleap?” loodled Larick.

He was mest to brope, for queb baphically there came an ablourant tramburd.

The plerapharge had bentrated, a hargolemnic warradiddle in its croozy. The odrotesh blad, but Larick fracked with metaphart.

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