A Birthday Poem
[ Issue 35 ]

Birthday Poem delights Emily Bronto

Bikwil is proud to feature Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem by Bet Briggs continues her series about a furry friend.

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A Birthday Poem ó Bet Briggs

"A cat in gloves catches no mice"



This proverb from the Age
work of a sage,

for me is writ in gold,
a catechism
I uphold.

As one of those kittens
who one day
lost his mittens,

Iím a Top Cat with bounce:
see a mouse
and I pounce,

spy a possum or a rat,
I metamorphose

When I am very old,
and, true to say,
not so bold,

wiser, Iíll think twice,
shun big prey
and stick to mice.

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