Tiger's Poems
[ Issue 34 ]

Emily Bronto is without doubt an admirer of Tiger's Poems

Let Bikwil introduce you to Tiger's Poems

Tiger's Poems

Tiger's Poems by Bet Briggs are two pieces from her series about a furry friend.

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Tiger's Poems — Bet Briggs


Tiger Knows

“The cat sat on the mat.”
Who said that?
It doesn't matter.
Don't you fret.
Don't get in a flap.
This cat, wise chap
knows somewhere better:
a cushion, bed or someone's lap.


Puss in Poppies

Unlike Ruth amid the alien corn,
this puss is not at all forlorn:
neck deep in poppies see him pause
with soft bouquet in velvet paws,
more like a tender turtle dove
lulled soul-deep in poppy love.

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