Kwizz Gig 2 Solution
[ Issue 34]

Kwizz Gig 2 keeps Emily Bronto occupied for hours

Permit Bikwil to acquaint you with the fascination of Kwizz Gig 2

Kwizz Gig 2 Solution

Here is the solution to the quiz which Fizzgig presented in the From the Back Verandah column of Issue 31, May 2002.

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From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig


Here are the answers to the questions in Kwizz Gig 2 of Issue 31, May 2002 (erroneously printed with the title “Kwizz Gig 1”).

1. Which composer wrote the March-Past of the Kitchen Utensils?
— Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). It is the 3rd movement of his 1909 Aristophanic Suite The Wasps.

2. According to legend, which European queen was crowned five years after her death?
— Inez de Castro, mistress of Dom Pedro, son of King Alfonso IV of Portugal (14th century). She was the cousin of Pedro’s legal wife Constança, and was killed on the orders of certain advisors to Alfonso. When the latter died and Pedro became king, he hatched the plan that, since he had already secretly and with papal dispensation married Inez (or so he claimed), she should be exhumed and crowned his Queen posthumously.

3. A certain mnemonic verse begins:
Sir, — I send a rhyme excelling
In sacred truth and rigid spelling.
Numerical sprites elucidate
For me the lexicon’s dull weight.
What does it help us remember?
— Pi (here given to 20 decimal places, though the verse in question goes on for 10 more).

4. Who was the only Englishman ever to become Pope?
— Nicholas Breakspear (born c.1100 in Langley, near St. Albans). When elected Pope in 1154 he took the name Adrian IV. He died in 1159.

5. His transatlantic namesake and contemporary wrote several historical novels, but this historian wrote only one — Savrola. Who was he?
— Winston [Leonard Spencer] Churchill (1874-1965). His American namesake lived from 1871 to 1947.

6. Which historian and scientist was asphyxiated while investigating an erupting volcano?
— Pliny the Elder (AD. 23-79), who was sailing towards a mysterious smoke cloud, about the origin of which he was curious. He didn’t know it, but Vesuvius was about to bury Pompeii and kill thousands, including himself.

7. The ending of which American novel underwent 39 rewrites before publication?
— Ernest Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms (1929).

8. Which 1972 rock classic begins with the words “Really don’t mind if you sit this one out”?
— Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick.

9. Which nineteenth century artist painted 70 paintings in the last 70 days of his life?
— Vincent Van Gogh (1835-90).

10. Her clergyman uncle was a best-selling Victorian author, and she was a spinster who walked for a week through hitherto unexplored West African territory and made friends with the cannibal Fang tribe of Gabon. What was her name?
— Mary Kingsley (1862-1900), niece of Charles Kingsley.

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