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Language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour all deserve Emily Bronto's approval

Bikwil offers acclaim to language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour


In the Editorial to Issue 33 Tony Rogers reminds readers that there's still a place in Bikwil for short contributions.

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How about . . . ?
— Tony Rogers


A couple of issues ago (No. 31, May 2002), I was happily recording the growing number of contributions coming in. But there are exceptions to this encouraging tendency. I seem to be receiving many more long articles than short ones. This is great, and is the primary reason that I have enlarged the magazine this year. But short compositions, too, have their proper place in Bikwil.

How about some further contributions to our Dreadful Doggerel series? Sensitivity and profundity in poetry are all very well, but I reckon that now and then we can all do with a dose of mediocrity. Failing poverty-stricken verse, why not try a few limericks? (They don’t have to be scatological.)

As you’ll remember, one series that is quietly languishing is our Postal Fever, where reviewers praise examples of that endangered species, the free magazine.

And we can always do with more drawings. A comic strip, anyone?

Speaking of illustrations, have a look at page 11, where we introduce a new idea — Spellbound — by which we hope to amuse you with readers’ photos of public notices that contain errors or awkwardly expressed messages. Pseudonymously, if you insist.

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