Alphabet Puzzle
[ Issue 33 ]

Alphabet Puzzle keeps Emily Bronto occupied for hours

Let Bikwil introduce you to Alphabet Puzzle

Alphabet Puzzle

In this issue Harlish Goop presents the Alphabet Puzzle, a brainteaser that language lovers should enjoy solving.  Why are the letters grouped in this fashion?

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A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop


Here is a little brain-teaser for all you language buffs.

The 26 letters of the English alphabet have been divided into four groups, as shown below. Your job is to work out the principle on which the grouping has been made.

Solution in a few issues’ time.

Group 1: F G J K L N P Q R S Z
Group 2: B C D E
Group 3: A M T U V W Y
Group 4: H I O X

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