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Bikwil Visitors

In the Web Line column for Issue 32 Tony Rogers addresses the matter of visitors to our siteWhat are they looking for when they do a Bikwil site search, and why?  What aren't they finding?

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


For the past six months Bikwil’s Web site has been availing itself of the popular Atomz search facility. Here is a summary of how our visitors have been using it.

Based on the reports Atomz provides me, I have to confess that fewer visitors are exploiting its advantages than I’d expected.

Why? Well, it’s my belief that first-time visitors to our site are of two types: (a) those looking for an electronic magazine to subscribe and/or contribute to, and (b) those wanting material on specific subjects, to which they are pointed directly by the hundreds of entries to Bikwil in the Internet-wide search engines.

Of the searches that do get done at Bikwil, however, some intriguing info about the interests of those performing them can be deduced.

As often as not, the interesting thing is what people are searching for and not finding.

One category includes newsy or controversial subjects like

Kim Hollingsworth
Big Brother.

Such topics would — if I may be so presumptuous — lie well beyond Bikwil’s sphere of influence.

On the other hand, a second group of “failed terms” being searched on might well serve as jumping-off points to inspire Bikwil contributors to more daring feats of enthusiastic writing. A short selection follows:

Christina Rossetti
Emily Dickinson
I Love a Sunburnt Country.

So, thinking caps on, everyone!

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