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After five years of the Web Line column Tony Rogers pays a second visit to The Sydney Morning Herald.  Things have changed a bit.

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


When I began this column in Bikwil’s inaugural issue (May 1997), the very first site I reviewed was The Sydney Morning Herald. A month or so ago, as our fifth anniversary approached, a new look seemed a reasonable thing to consider. After all, this is one of Australia’s most popular sites, drawing around 1.3 million readers a month.

Well, by coincidence the SMH site has recently undergone an overhaul, so the idea turns out to be doubly opportune. Not that this is the first revamp it has had in the intervening years, but the current upgrade seems particularly successful.

By and large the enhancements concentrate on content, which in my book is what the Internet is all about. The Herald’s method here has been to give greater depth of coverage in several broad categories: business, technology, sport, travel and entertainment.

Taking the example of technology, we find more coverage now by it having drawn from the pages, not only of the Herald, but also of its Melbourne sister paper The Age. Business treatment has likewise expanded and now covers a wider range of major sectors. One change I appreciate is the division of the entertainment section into separate subsections: film, TV & radio, music, arts, books, fashion, puzzles.

Another new feature is an archive of “your favourite columnists”, so that you can revisit his or her writings. Time will tell how far back such essays will be kept.

Sure, some of these changes may not lie within your areas of interest, but let me assure you that news and comment sections maintain their justly reliable reputation. Currency is maintained by the by now well-established Breaking News section.

Cosmetically, the site shows minimal change in this year’s incarnation, though some streamlining has taken place and, more significantly, a new navigation bar has been created to give visitors easier access to the sections they like best.

And, yes, the Herald remains my browser’s home page.

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