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In the Web Line column for Issue 30 Tony Rogers gives a pair of poetry sites a "brief but enthusiastic" review.

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


This time I want to give a couple of poetry sites a brief but enthusiastic plug. Actually, they are both run by the same person, and while each can be appreciated on its own, for the poet or serious poetry devotee they can profitably be seen as a complementary pair.

The man’s name is Colin Holcombe and he lives in England. His sites are called Poetry Portal and Poetry Magic.

Regularly updated, Poetry Portal offers a very useful directory of ezines, poetry sites, literary appreciation sites and much, much more.

There are, for instance, separate sections for beginners and advanced poetry lovers. Selecting any of the subsections takes you to Poetry Magic. Being no more than a poetaster myself, I really enjoy the educational sections under the Beginner heading.

These include things like “What is a poem?”, “Poetry as pleasure”, “Poetry as art”, “Poetry as therapy”, “Themes”, “Originality”, and so forth.

There is a list, too, of current poetry conferences in the U.K. and the U.S., as well as info on poetry competitions and publishing news, to say nothing of the links to poetry in languages other English.

Poetry Magic I can only describe as a magnificent resource centre on the theory and craft of writing poetry. Beginners and experienced poets alike are very well catered for, as are all poetry sub-genres. This is a huge and thorough site, chock-a-block with worthwhile information.

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