Music Dabblers Puzzle
[ Issue 30]

Music Dabblers Puzzle keeps Emily Bronto occupied for hours

Allow Bikwil to bring to light the enjoyment to be had from Music Dabblers Puzzle

Music Dabblers Puzzle

In this issue Harlish Goop provides the solution to the Music Dabblers puzzle, where you have to work out which famous person played which instrument for a hobby.

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A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop


Here’s the solution to our Music Dabblers challenge from Issue 27 (September 2001). The puzzle’s bare essentials are as follows.

Each of the famous people listed used to occupy him or herself performing music as a hobby. The solution is a series of instruments. Shaded letters were already provided. The column indicated by the arrow contains a two-word phrase describing the fruits of such music dabbling.

1 Hermann Goering
2 Benito Mussolini
3 Robert Baden-Powell
4 Frederick the Great
5 Mary, Queen of Scots
6 James II (Great Britain)
 7 Nero
 8 Albert Einstein
 9 Vincent van Gogh
10 Samuel Pepys
11 Bonnie Prince Charlie
12 Laurence Sterne


1   A C C O R


2   T R O M B O N E  
3   O C A R I N


4   F L U T E  
5   L U T E  
6   G


I T A R  
7   L Y R E  
8   V


O L I N  
9   P I A N O  
10 F L A G E O


E T  


E L L O  


A S S V I O L  

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