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In the Editorial to Issue 28 Tony Rogers asks readers what concerns them most about the Internet.  He suggests that the question of reliability of information is well worth thinking about.

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Internet Follies
ó Tony Rogers


What is it that worries you most about the Internet?

computer viruses?
copyright infringement?
privacy invasion?
technology haves and have-nots?
terrorist information?

As an Internet user for the last five and half years for email, news and humour, naturally, but particularly for research, I myself have been paying keen attention to another topic.

In brief, my interest can be encapsulated in this question: how reliable is the information which you find on the Net?

Many of you will remember that I have mentioned a couple of times already in Bikwil the dangers of carte-blanche acceptance of everything you read on the Net. Well, along the way Iíve been collecting opinions and advice on the whole question of Net credibility, and my Web Line column in this issue brings together what I have learned so far.

Though longish, my material might be of interest not only to general Internet truth seekers, but also to students and educators, parents, aunties, grandfathers . . .

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