Music Dabblers Puzzle
[ Issue 27 ]

Music Dabblers Puzzle keeps Emily Bronto occupied for hours

Let Bikwil introduce you to Music Dabblers Puzzle

Music Dabblers Puzzle

In this issue Harlish Goop treats us to the Music Dabblers puzzle, where you have to work out which famous person played which instrument for a hobby.

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A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop


Here is a puzzle for you.

The reason that it appears in my column (and not elsewhere in the magazine) is that we feel that you should be able to solve it linguistically, rather than encyclopaedically. We believe, in fact, that using the clues we offer you ought to be able to save yourself recourse to the library — at least, perhaps, until the very end. See how many you can work out without reference books.

The essence of your Music Dabblers challenge is as follows.

Each of the dozen famous people listed used to occupy him/herself by performing music as a hobby. Though all were non-professional musicians, it is true to say that, in musical circles at least, one is remembered almost as much for his musical ability as for his more usual activities.

The solution is a series of instruments, each of which was played for relaxation by the person in question. The instrument we have selected for each, however, is not necessarily the one usually associated with the person.

As well as the names of the historical personages, we give you assistance in several ways:

To get you started, we have scattered the thirteen letters that make up the puzzle’s title throughout the boxes where the solution is to be entered.
Secondly, it will help to know that three of the instruments are bowed, four blown and three strummed/plucked.
Thirdly, we have provided a distribution table of all 76 letters, which will gradually assist you in eliminating certain choices.
Finally, when you have completed the solution you will be able to read in the central column (shown by the arrow) a two-word phrase describing the fruits of such music dabbling. What’s more, this phrase is an anagram of mutant sea roe.

Owing to Bikwil’s celebrated lack of success in achieving profitability, our editor has forbidden me to offer any prizes.

Music Dabblers




2         M B        
3         R    


4           E  










  S S          
1 Hermann Goering
2 Benito Mussolini
3 Robert Baden-Powell
4 Frederick the Great
5 Mary, Queen of Scots
6 James II (Great Britain)
7 Nero
8 Albert Einstein
9 Vincent van Gogh
10 Samuel Pepys
11 Bonnie Prince Charlie
12 Laurence Sterne

Distribution of letters (including the 13 provided)

A 7 E 7 I 7 M 1 Q 0 U 3 Y 1
B 2 J 0 J 0 N 5 R 5 V 2 Z 0
C 4 G 2 K 0 O 10 S 2 W 0
D 1 H 0 L 9 P 1 T 5 X 0

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