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Tony Rogers devotes the Editorial to Issue 27 to the existential question, "who am I, exactly?"

Trouble is, he gets more than one answer.

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Self Discovery
ó Tony Rogers


Hands up all you Internet users who have never once looked up your own name in a search engine.

Hmmm . . . Just as I thought. I cannot see a single hand.

Not that itís anything to be ashamed of, this cyberspace Search for Self. I do it all time.

Now, ďTony RogersĒ being a rather conventional combination of names, itís not surprising, I suppose, that there are so many of me on the Net. Last time I looked, in fact, Google found over 2,500 pages for me.

Taken individually, my multiple personalities are all confidently autonomous, but seeing them en masse is enough to bring on an identity crisis. What a variety of occupations I seem to pursue. If truth be told I have yet to come to terms with how talented (and ubiquitous) I really am.

For instance, Iím a military engineering technician. Somehow Iím also an Associate Professor of Oral Microbiology. Iím a vocalist. Iím a DJ. Iím an evangelist. Iím an aviation expert, too. I even seem to be a footballer . . .

Once I log off and sanity gradually returns, however, I rest reasonably certain that I have never been any of the above, though I did once have a groin strain.

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