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Language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour all deserve Emily Bronto's approval

Bikwil offers acclaim to language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour


In the Editorial to Issue 26 Tony Rogers continues his appeal for more contributions to Bikwil.

"tribute poems and essays, funny stories and verse, trivia and jokes, art, quirky quotations, puzzles . . ."

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One More Cordial Invitation
Tony Rogers


From time to time the Editorial page appeals for more contributions to Bikwil. Guess what? This issue continues that noble tradition.

Our Web site puts the request as follows:

To date, we've had poems and essays paying tribute to all manner of people, places and things, we've had funny stories and verse, we've had trivia and jokes. We've had art. We've had quirky quotations. We've had puzzles . . .

Just about anything can be the topic a contributor might feel moved to enthuse quietly about . . . Mind you, Bikwil being a place to be constructive, we ask that, if you have an axe to grind, please sharpen it on the whetstone of affirmation.

And should you be currently suffering from writer's block, contributing to Bikwil might well be the cure. If you like, just share with us, in your own words, about how you got started in your hobby or leisure pursuit. Or draw or photograph for us a picture of some aspect of it.

In short, then, you are all cordially encouraged to submit essays, poems, short fiction, line drawings or photos, book/movie/TV/music reviews, etc. Apart from trivia and jokes, anything submitted must be original, though the use of a nom de plume is permitted. 

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