Apology from the Front Porch
[ Issue 26 ]

Apology from the Front Porch really turns Emily Bronto on

Bikwil is proud to feature Apology from the Front Porch

Apology from the Front Porch

A contrite Fizzgig confesses to three errors of fact in only 200 words.  The subject is Aimi Macdonald.

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Apology from the Front Porch — Fizzgig


Long-time Bikwil readers may recall that in my Verandah column in Issue 7 (May 1998) I wrote a piece on the Lovely Miss Aimi Macdonald. She featured with John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman in the British TV comedy series At Last the 1948 Show.

I have recently learned from “one who was there” that my article, though barely 200 words, came complete with three glaring errors of fact. My source is none other than Tim Brooke-Taylor himself, who emailed the editor in late March with the dismal truth.

So, seated on my hard stool of contrition, here I go with the necessary corrections.

First, David Frost was never in the show. I had confused At Last the 1948 Show with The Frost Report.

In the second place, to quote Tim, Aimi was not as silent as my mistaken memory had it, but “said a great deal and was brilliant”.

Thirdly, I claimed that it was Marty and John who discovered Aimi in a West End cabaret.

Wrong! It was John and Tim:

[John and I] . . . were surprised to see were so popular with the ladies there. We were too naïve to know what their game really was.

My mistakes show how careful you have to be when getting “information” from the Internet.

Tim, by the way, goes on to tell us that the title At Last the 1948 Show was the idea of stage director Trevor Nunn. He also mentions that he (Tim) and Aimi

. . . appeared at the National Film Theatre last year, as part of an At Last the 1948 Show evening and she’s as lovely as ever.

Last year, too, he came Down Under for The Goodies convention, which was a roaring success.

He reminds us of another Aussie connection as well: that The Goodies Web site and magazine are “Oz inspired”. In fact, he reckons that

Australia seems to know more about me than I do.

So: sorry, Tim, for this inconvenience we’ve caused you, and many thanks for your input.

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