Kwizz Gig 1
[ Issue 25 ]

Kwizz Gig 1 brings Emily Bronto much happiness

Allow Bikwil to show you the pleasures of Kwizz Gig 1

Kwizz Gig 1

"In keeping with our predisposition towards gentle enthusiasm, acute quirkiness and uncompromising obscurantism", Fizzgig here uses From the Back Verandah to present a quiz — and no offering of prizes.

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From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig


In keeping with our predisposition towards gentle enthusiasm, acute quirkiness and uncompromising obscurantism, I thought this column might start the new Bikwil year with a quiz.

There are no prizes offered — which may be just as well, since some questions are extraordinarily easier asked than answered. Nevertheless, as much correspondence, electronic or paper-based, will be entered into as you care to generate (e.g. appealing for clues).

All that said, see how many answers you can dig up.

Welcome to . . .

Kwizz Gig 1

1. What was the stage name of John Simon Ritchie?

2. Whose funeral took place in a medical school and consisted of a eulogy followed by the dissection of the corpse?

3. Which political exile lived for a short time with the painter Diego Rivera?

4. For what is Muhammed edh-Dibh best known?

5. Whose dead body was identified by a volume of Keats in his coat pocket?

6. Whom did Gandhi call “the highest moral authority” on account of his religious tracts promoting peace through non-resistance?

7. Which literary figure once arrived in America proclaiming, “I have come to continue my search for naked women in wet mackintoshes”?

8. Name the lawyer and unsuccessful U.S. Presidential candidate who was described by H.L. Mencken in these words: “He was born with a roaring voice, and it had the trick of inflaming half-wits.”

9.   Concerning his work it was asked, “Where are their feet?” Who was he?

10. Whose embalmed head was kept for 29 years by his widow in a red leather bag?

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