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In the Editorial to Issue 25 Tony Rogers celebrates Bikwil's fourth birthday and notes what benefits have accrued from putting it on the Internet.

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Birthday Honours List
— Tony Rogers


Well, not quite. But I’ll tell you this much: it is our fourth birthday, as well as the first anniversary of our arrival on the Internet.

Thanks to our Net presence, Bikwil’s subscriber base continues to spread far beyond Australia — U.S.A., England, Scotland, Canada, Philippines . . . Indeed, our ever widening inclusion in search engines and directories grows by the week (nearly 130 of them to date). Particularly useful is the fact that we’re listed with several powerful text indexing sites that allow us to be located, not only by the name Bikwil, but also by dozens of keywords relevant to our content. Just as significant are the 30-plus Internet awards Bikwil has been given. These have remarkable publicity value for our one-of-its-kind brand of quiet enthusiasms.

Even so, Bikwil can never hope to reach huge numbers of readers. What's important is that those who like us seem to like us a lot. But much as I would love to sound off about the dozens of unsolicited testimonials we continue to receive, I see I have room for just a couple:

A charmingly philosophical web site, . . . this is a quiet corner of substance.

Full of panache and with a character all its own.

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