Quirky Quotes
[ Issue 23 ]

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Quirky Quotes

Issue 23's helping of Quintessential Quirky Quotes presents some immortal witticisms from Woody Allen, Beachcomber, Arnold Bennett, Rodney Dangerfield and David Lloyd George.

Please refer to our Series Catalogue for an indication as to which Bikwil issues a given author's Quintessential Quirky Quotes have appeared in.

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Quintessential Quirky Quotes

There was a young man of Montrose,
Who had pockets in none of his clothes.
When asked by his lass
Where he carried his brass,
He said: 'Darling, I pay through the nose.'

Arnold Bennett

What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? Or what's worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?
Woody Allen

Neville Chamberlain? He saw foreign policy through the wrong end of a municipal drainpipe.
David Lloyd George

I'm at an age where I think more about food than sex. Last week I put a mirror over my dining room table.
Rodney Dangerfield

A prodigy is a child who plays the piano when he ought to be asleep in bed.

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