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Down Limerick Lane is one of Emily Brontoís favourite Bikwil features

Bikwil has a thing about Down Limerick Lane

Down Limerick Lane

In Issue 23 Bikwil's occasional series entitled Down Limerick Lane features a three-stanza limerick about a dubious barbershop quartet. 

Tony Rogers is responsible.

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Down Limerick Lane ó Tony Rogers



A barbershop quartet lost face
Simply for want of a bass;
Though the foolhardy trio
Sang molto con brio,
Their sound was an utter disgrace.

Their bad name was driving them toey
When in flounced a sheila called ZoŽ;
Despite her long tresses
And love of tight dresses,
On a good day she got down to low E.

The issue, my friends, is quite clear:
You wonít hear your audience cheer
Unless you ensure
That your quartetís got four;
(Who cares if it looks a bit queer?)

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