Musical Anagrams
[ Issue 22 ]

Musical Anagrams intrigue Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present Musical Anagrams

Musical Anagrams

Harlish Goop finally gets around to telling us the answers to two anagram puzzles with a musical twist that he set in earlier issues.

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A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop


After months of silence, I have at last been persuaded to reveal the solutions to Bikwil’s two musical anagram puzzles — the Wagner one (Issue 10, November 1998), and the jazz one (Issue 15, September 1999).

A) Wagner Anagrams Solution

Gross couple make ardent offal fans. (6,3,6)
Fafner and Fasolt

Satan's power? (6,5)
Wotan’s spear

A nudge is singleminded when it comes to incest. (8,3,9)
Siegmund and Sieglinde

Morse turfs rum for whispering grove. (6,7)
Forest Murmurs

Vote limit on signature tune. (9)

John Culshaw's unerring doings. (4,10)
Ring Resounding

Eerie red furnishings joy for river cruise hero (10,5,7)
Siegfried’s Rhine Journey

Confused hat buyer puts it on the map. (8)

I bring tonsils for soprano. (6,7)
Birgit Nilsson

Battle birds in the saddle derisively ko father. (4,2,3,8)
Ride of the Valkyries

Will audio vigil bar waif in lunatic kingdom? (6,2,2,7)
Ludwig II of Bavaria

Magyar with tiger's logo. (5,5)
Georg Solti

Does an ugly Nibelung ever belch air? (8)

Rug tune creates false bride. (7)

Blame the whole bloody lot on this rewarding arch. (7,6)
Richard Wagner

(B) Jazz Anagrams Solution

Analyst worms in (6,8)
Wynton Marsalis

Bond money nag (5,7)
Benny Goodman

Born wary (3,5)
Ray Brown

Cute bonsai (5,5)
Count Basie

Doglike tunnel (4,9)
Duke Ellington

Glee ramble (6,4)
Graeme Bell

Her satirical chin (7,9)
Charlie Christian

In my larger lug (5,8)
Gerry Mulligan

Lie on lace (4,5)
Cleo Laine

Massive lid (4,5)
Miles Davis

Men galore (6,3)
Lee Morgan

My newest groom (3,10)
Wes Montgomery

No machine walks (7,7)
Coleman Hawkins

No mean hilltop (6,7)
Lionel Hampton

Our migrant loss (5,9)
Louis Armstrong

Oval cherries (6,6)
Horace Silver

Pure ancestors (5,8)
Oscar Peterson

Tank sonnet (4,6)
Stan Kenton

Waterfalls (4,6)
Fats Waller

Me a donor? Why? (5,6)
Woody Herman

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