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Bikwil on the Web

In the Web Line column for Issue 22 Tony Rogers gives a  progress report on the first six months of Bikwil's Internet presence.

I didn’t win any prizes, but Bikwil did get lots of exposure and some nice remarks from both subscribers and non-subscribers

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


I’ve already mentioned the coverage that Bikwil’s Web site has been getting in search engines, etc. in the Editorial in Issue 21, September 2000. There seems little point, however, in naming them all here. Suffice it to say that thanks to places like All the Web, AltaVista Australia, Google and Lycos, which index the full text of sites they list, Bikwil can now be found via any word that occurs in its issues. This will assist those who don’t yet know what a valuable storehouse of quiet enthusiasm our site can be until they search for “palindromes” or “Wagner” or “Camp Creative”, etc. (Regular Bikwilians, of course, can use the search facility we have provided just inside the site’s front door.)

In this issue I am addressing a few Internet sites that have been especially generous to Bikwil’s new electronic presence.

First, there’s Australia’s Cultural Network, which has the vision of “a dynamic Australian culture which is accessible to and enjoyed by everyone”. It works to achieve this by promoting “Australia's cultural endeavour, commerce, activities and events”.

A lofty realm for little Bikwil to be inhabiting, perhaps, but not only did they have us listed within a day of my submission, but it wasn’t long before they had done deep indexing too.

There we are, wonder of wonders, alongside icons like Southerly, Don Bradman, Henry Lawson, Uluru, Jacket, the Australasian Computer Music Society, Arthur Boyd . . . Thus, with people and topics like Bet Briggs, Giorni, anagrams, Velikovsky, Abdera and the Mexican wave readily findable at Australia’s Cultural Network, Bikwil is now well and truly on the Aussie scene.

Next I want to extend my thanks to Zinos, one of many American sites that dedicate themselves to publicising so-called ezines (Bikwil now being an electronic magazine as well as a printed one). As some of you already know, Zinos run a weekly competition where Zine authors can submit an article for display there, and the “best of the week” gets an award. My submission was a piece describing Bikwil’s Mesozoic history and affirmative purpose. I didn’t win any prizes, but Bikwil did get lots of exposure and some nice remarks from both subscribers and non-subscribers. Like these:

I love what Bikwil is trying to do
It’s easy to write about
the fallen faces that line our
streets, but harder to write
about the spark that still resides in
their souls, that spark
that still keeps them going even
though all seems lost, that spark
that still keeps them alive,
refusing to finish because perhaps
the soul can still find within itself
“. . . quiet enthusiasm.” It is the
stuff of hope.

I hope that Tony Rogers and Bikwil will prosper in their efforts as such avenues of writing are fast fading in to the wretched images of shock, which often desensitize the softer side of our souls.


Bikwil always give me a belly laugh, lots to ponder on, and plenty to relish and re-read.

(Clare Hansson)

What fantastic pages . . . Gentle reading that inspires quiet thinkers, congratulations.

(Donna McDonald)

Dinosaur? One view of dinosaurs is that they were early birds — here’s hoping Bikwil flies.


Thank you all — those who made affirmative comments and those who voted anonymously.

The following helping hands came quite unexpectedly.

Eighteen of them were awards, several presented by organisations or structured voting committees, and undoubtedly carrying some weight. Others came from little known and unpretentious individuals who express their support for good sites by offering awards which they design themselves.

In most cases, Bikwil was complimented on content, loading time and navigation. Images of our awards have been placed on our Web site (it’s the least we can do), but here is a summary:

A1 Web Works Designs Award
Academic Tower
Purple Distinguish Cross [sic]
All Letters
Silver Award
Bearz Web
110% Prestige Award
Beauty and the Beast Silver Award
Critical Mass
ERAust 10 Award
Award for Creative Thought
Golden Web
Hawaii City
Aloha Award
* Inspired Visions
Poetry Award
Peace Work
Merit Award
King of the Web Award
Shadow Poetry
Cool Site Award
Silver Award
Smith 35
Golden Award of Elegance
Web Man Passionate Pen Award
What Is This
Website of Distinction

A further surprise was an email from the Be More Creative site. This directory lists “websites that encourage thinking, living and working more creatively”.

And where did they choose to put us? Under the Creative Living heading, in the subcategory they call Positive Outlooks. Where else?

* Since this article was first published in Bikwil, some of the awarding sites have vanished from the Internet or else have ceased offering their awards.

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