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In his Web Line column for Issue 21 Tony Rogers suggests that "now that Bikwil is doing it, we'd better ask, 'Does any good really come from putting a print magazine on the Internet?'"

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Web Line ó Tony Rogers


Today Iím going to talk very briefly about magazines on the Internet, my emphasis here being on periodicals that existed in print first before they appeared on the Net. In other words, I wonít be covering those designed specifically and exclusively as on-line periodicals.

It really is surprising what quite different approaches magazines take with the amount of content they allow you access to. Some, like Readerís Digest Australia, offer little magazine reading matter for free (apart from a contents list of their current issue), but instead serve more as advertising sites for their printed products.

Others are more generous, providing free articles from older issues, or giving you a small selection of articles from the current printed issue.

Of course, from the readerís point of view, the nicest sites are those openhanded places that (thanks no doubt to their on-line advertisers) seem prosperous enough to let us read just about everything, even in the latest issue. My current-affairs favourites in this regard are Time (US version) and New Statesman, but there are many others to be found once you start searching.

And if you ever want to look for magazines by type, why not try Web Wombatís Online Magazines? This site conveniently lists about 50 categories so you can narrow down your search needs ó architecture, consumer affairs, family issues, gardening, literature, publishing, science, travel . . .

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