Plum Tree
[ Issue 21 ]

Plum Tree brings Emily Bronto much happiness

Bikwil is pleased to present Plum Tree

Plum Tree

Plum Tree is another nature poem from Bet Briggs.  It celebrates life after death.

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Plum Tree — Bet Briggs


The old plum tree is dead:
severed from the earth
so long its home
to give place to the new.

Only the stump,
like a brown ancient rock
reposes in kindly ground
and defies axeman’s stroke.

Let it stay.
The gentler blade of time
will whittle the wood
lovingly to its core.

Earth’s quiet creatures,
faithful in ritual
will bear it deep in the soil
for resurrection.

Its ruin will be nurture
for another, its dust a home,
fruit of the earth
tree out of tree will grow.

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