Quirky Quotes
[ Issue 19 ]

Quirky Quotes are one of Emily Bronto's favourite Bikwil features

Bikwil has a thing about Quirky Quotes

Quirky Quotes

Issue 19's Quintessential Quirky Quotes offering consists of some memorable quips from G.K. Chesterton, W.C. Fields, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shirley MacLaine and Rev. Sydney Smith.

Please refer to our Series Catalogue for an indication as to which Bikwil issues a given author's Quintessential Quirky Quotes have appeared in.

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Quintessential Quirky Quotes

You and I are exceptions to the laws of nature; you have risen by your gravity, and I have sunk by my levity.
Rev. Sydney Smith

I've made so many movies playing a hooker that they don't pay me in the regular way anymore. They leave it on the dresser.
Shirley MacLaine

There's no such thing as a tough child. If you parboil them first for seven hours, they always come out tender.
W. C. Fields

One of his hobbies was to wait for the American Shakespeare a hobby more patient than angling.
G. K. Chesterton

Ernest Hemmingway is always willing to lend a hand to the one above him.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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