One-Day Cricket Wave
[ Issue 18 ]

Emily Bronto is without doubt an admirer of One-Day Cricket Wave

Allow Bikwil to show you the pleasures of One-Day Cricket Wave

One-Day Cricket Wave

Fizzgig here reminds us of another one-day cricket wave.

Not Mexican, but a wave all the same.

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From theBack Verandah — Fizzgig


Remember the Mexican Wave from Bikwil’s first issue (May 1997)? Well, my news for you today does not have the linguistic emphasis of that article, but instead brings you the surging truth about that other Aussie one-day cricket wave.

Usually it occurs when Oz is fielding. From the front rows comes the sound of male voices bawling, “Hey, name, give us a wave!” (where for name you can substitute “Warnie” or “Ponting”, etc.). It’s not just the fielders near the fence who are hailed so mellifluously; it’s also those further inland, wind conditions permitting.

Aussie players are happy to respond, except when they have to concentrate. Before he became captain, for example, Steve Waugh used to give an especially amiable, discreet behind-the-back wavelet. The idea has been also tried with fielding international players, though with mixed success.

This choral cricket shouting reminds me of the Last Night at the Proms, though the open-air acoustics of a cricket ground are nothing like those of the Royal Albert Hall, of course. There seems to be a problem with the reverberation in that august cultural rotundity because London's music lovers yell quite slowly and precisely. Not so measured are the worse-for-wear Aussies, who roar their message at a normal pace. No doubt both groups rehearse their line, but there's not much to practise at the cricket — just agree on your target, and you're off and bellowing.

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