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Issue 18's Editorial announces the upcoming inauguration of the Bikwil Web site.  You will notice that Tony Rogers is careful to to reassure existing postal subscribers.

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“Resigned to the Wide World”
— Tony Rogers


For some time I have been investigating how best to distribute Bikwil on the World Wide Web, and can now announce that, all being well, we should go on-line with the next issue (No. 19, May 2000).

Let me set your minds at rest, though. The printed Bikwil will not cease publication. On the contrary: the on-line form of our mag will serve more as a supplement to the paper version than as a substitute.

Unfortunately, on top of Aussie postage increases in 1999, the new venture will add to my expenses, and therefore to subscription prices. I have therefore taken several steps to offset this rise in costs to you.

1. It’s only fair that you readers who have kept the faith all these months will be able to maintain your current subscription fee a little longer.

2. As from the date of the price change (May 2000) Bikwil will be enlarged from 16 to 20 pages.

3. Even when your subscription is due to rise, those with Internet access will be able to receive Bikwil in an electronic form at no cost.

Existing subscribers will find fuller details of these matters set out on a separate sheet.

(The above cyberspatial quote is from Jonathan Swift’s Tale of a Tub.)

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