Summer Sketch
[ Issue 17 ]

Summer Sketch brings Emily Bronto much happiness

Bikwil is pleased to present Summer Sketch

Summer Sketch

The poem Summer Sketch by Bet Briggs tries to capture the first signs of summer.

"Quick now!"

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Summer Sketch — Bet Briggs



Quick now! Note that green
high on the tree: its first
subtle greening, leaf-fine
brushstrokes in a mist
of jacaranda blue;
behind, beyond, all round
Infinity, a sun-charged blur,
much more than background,
a medium so huge
the subject could be lost,
its colour go as fast
as the moment of one’s seeing
it; so too, mind’s image,
pure and delicate
as the morning’s offering.
How, then, to retain it?
How to receive and celebrate
life in the making?

Get it down, quick!
that tender image,
while still fresh,
stroke by stroke
of pen or brush,
so eager mind
swift to engage
eyes and hand,
may bring it back
still life on the page.

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