Les Musiques Imbéciles
[ Issue 17 ]

Emily Bronto clearly approves of Les Musiques Imbéciles

Let Bikwil introduce you to Les Musiques Imbéciles

Les Musiques Imbéciles

The poem Les Musiques Imbéciles is another in our occasional series Dreadful Doggerel

Little more need be said.

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Les Musiques Imbéciles
[ Dreadful Doggerel No. 4 ]
— Henri Dandin




To play a Chopin Polonaise
Would not be awfully easy,
Specially on a keyboard greasy
With a coat of mayonnaise.


Nor can cheap and punctured vellum
Help a novice drummer’s nerves;
I’m sure, however, whisky serves
To quickly, smartly, nicely quell ‘em.


And lugging harps and basses round
Is sure to very promptly learn ya;
Otherwise your painful hernya
Finds you surgically gowned.

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