Jazz Anagrams
[ Issue 15 ]

Emily Bronto is without doubt an admirer of Jazz Anagrams

Bikwil celebrates Jazz Anagrams

Jazz Anagrams

In his language column this time Harlish Goop presents twenty anagrams for you jazz lovers to unscramble.

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A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop


Readers may recall Fizzgig’s short piece on Miles Davis and Gil Evans in Issue 1. Today’s Pink Shell-like has a jazz orientation also, and begins with composer/arranger Gil Evans himself.

On top of the exceptional music we had come to expect from Evans, his 1973 LP Svengali was fascinating to me for another reason. You see, it afforded a further example of musical word play, a worthy subject this column has concerned itself with in the past (i.e. Wagnerian anagrams in Issue 10, 1998 November) and will continue to cover in future issues.

For there, among the credits, in the fine print, is the acknowledgment “Anagram: Gerry Mulligan”.

“What anagram?” you may be asking. Well, take another look at the album title.

Not that this is the only anagram to be found on the liner notes of a Gil Evans record. On his Gil Evans and Ten (1957), for instance, an alto sax player by the name of “Zeke Tolin” is listed. This expedient, of course, has been around for years, and is used when performers contracted to one recording company appear on a competitor’s label.

Ok, while you’re in the mood, here is a further anagrammatic set of clues for your pleasure. All twenty are rearranged names of jazz performers, using the names each is best known by. We’ve made is easier with an extra clue — the initial of the surname.

1. Analyst worms in (6,8) [M]

2. Bond money nag (5,7) [G]

3. Born wary (3,5) [B]

4. Cute bonsai (5,5) [B]

5. Doglike tunnel (4,9) [E]

6. Glee ramble (6,4) [B]

7. Her satirical chin (7,9) [C]

8. In my larger lug (5,8) [M]

9. Lie on lace (4,5) [L]

10. Massive lid (4,5) [D]

11. Men galore (6,3) [M]

12. My newest groom (3,10) [M]

13. No machine walks (7,7) [H]

14. No mean hilltop (6,7) [H]

15. Our migrant loss (5,9) [A]

16. Oval cherries (6,6) [S]

17. Pure ancestors (5,8) [P]

18. Tank sonnet (4,6) [K]

19. Waterfalls (4,6) [W]

20. Why me a donor? (5,6) [H]

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