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Tony Rogers devotes the Editorial to Issue 15 to the curative power of Spring for the ever young-at-heart.

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"Our Life is Gorgeous with Tomorrows"
— Tony Rogers


What a great line! It’s from the partly frivolous, partly didactic On Good Resolutions by English essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949).

Now, we’re not at the start of a New Year, so why recite the words here? Well, I’m using Lynd’s epigram as an allusion to Spring, which healing season once again is calling us to thoughts of renewal.

Last January (Issue No. 11) I called for a concerted effort to get more participation in Bikwil by younger readers and writers. To date the response has been, er, less than breathtaking.

“Not a sausage”, as our boy-scout friend Bluebottle might say.

Yet Bikwil, in this International Year of Older Persons, presses on undeterred, secure in the knowledge that its current crop of mature contributors are full-blooded, rearing-to-go disciples of P. G. Wodehouse’s Uncle Dynamite:

Though well stricken in years the old blister becomes on these occasions as young as he feels, which seems to be about twenty-two.

Incidentally, with this issue we finally get to Up-front Popularisers, first mooted way back in July 1998 (Issue No. 8).

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