The World Outside
[ Issue 14 ]

The World Outside delights Emily Bronto

Bikwil celebrates The World Outside

The World Outside

Bet Briggs' The World Outside is a nature poem for children that adults will like.

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The World Outside
[ Title poem from a proposed book of poems for children ]
Bet Briggs



The world outside
how very wide
a world it is!
How high a mountain lifts!
How far the ocean drifts!
You cannot see the mountain tops
or where the drifting ocean stops,
and over them and farther still
the sky goes on and always will.
The world outdoors
must make us pause
to think of this.

The world outside
where things abide
so various
is awesome. Who can tell
what things of wonder dwell
in town and country, day and night!
So much to learn and think about!
So many lives both great and small,
some strong, some weak, with room for all.
The world out there
will need the care
of all of us.

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