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In this, the Editorial to Issue 14, Tony Rogers announces our new occasional feature The Feral Joke Collector.

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Applying the Gag — Tony Rogers


Once we began our popular trivia column Where Three Ways Meet, there was no turning back. “Why not have a some jokes?” the cry went up. “Now and then we find good jokes on the Internet, or on the notice board at work. Let’s share them in Bikwil.”

Despite our initial disinclination, we have decided from this issue on to include in our pages an occasional handful of “did-you-hear-the-one-abouts”. We’re calling the series The Feral Joke Collector.

Of course, any given yarn could easily turn out to be old hat to you. Jokes have this genetic propensity, don’t they, to self-replicate so fast that, before you know it, almost everybody is telling ‘em? If you see some here like that, please bear with us — we promise that one day you’ll turn the page and there will be the gag that’ll make you the life and soul of your next dinner party.

As with WTWM, The Feral Joke Collector does not demand originality or even acknowledgment. All contributions will be tagged “Forwarded by . . .”

And before I forget. I’ve managed to track down a copy of that uproarious “hotel/motel-bars-of-soap” story that was doing the rounds a few years ago. Watch out for it in a few months’ time.

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