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Tony Rogers devotes the Editorial to Issue 12 to the outcome of a recent survey on whether to charge a small subscription fee for Bikwil.

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Tally Ho! — Tony Rogers


What wonderfully faithful readers! The results of our recent survey on whether to charge for Bikwil are in, counted and applauded, and your response has encouraged me to the following decision.

From and including the next issue (No. 13, May 1999), there will a $5 charge for a year’s worth of Bikwil, i.e. six issues. To guarantee your subscription, fill in the enclosed form and return it together with your cheque. I need them no later than Friday, 9 April 1999, please. If you require occasional extra copies of an issue (for bragging purposes, say), the cost will be $1 for each, payable as ordered.

Among your complimentary comments were several suggesting that a higher subscription charge was justified. Thank you, but let’s leave that idea for the GST era, eh?

Some other remarks, culled and edited from your replies, are:

“Will subscribe for 2 copies.”

“Why not conduct another survey to see if readers will pay more than $5, so as to offer commissioned contributors a nominal fee?”

“How about a regular crossword?”

“What does ‘Bikwil’ mean anyway?”

“More popular culture stuff, please.”

“Don’t change a hair of it — between the cracks of the monster pavement of Life Materialistic a lovely violet is growing”.

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