Australian Train Travel
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Australian Train Travel fascinates Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present Australian Train Travel

Australian Train Travel

Issue 12's Web Line deals with some Web sites relating to Australian Train Travel.

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Web Line ó Tony Rogers


If Oz train travel is your bag, then take a lingering gander at these sites.

Background Australian Railway Info contains data not only on government railways but also on those privately owned. The recent Sydney light-rail line is covered too, as are the older Sydney Monorail and the very much older Silverton Tramway at Broken Hill. Preservation groups get a good guernsey, as do equipment and rolling-stock suppliers.

A site with similar aims is RailPage. As well as the predictable links to related sites, it includes information on topics like model railways, locomotives, rail preservation, railway mailing lists and the XPT. And letís not forget its Forward Planning Department, where you may propose improvements to any Oz railway.

The Great Southern Railway site devotes itself to its three great trains: the Indian Pacific, the Overland, and that most exotically seductive of all Aussie railways, the Ghan. A prominent feature is its series of clickable route maps. As you might expect, the site provides information on fares and times.

Timetable, fares and ticketing information for all Australia is available at Australian Rail Maps. Maps galore, of city suburban lines and of all country lines showing every passenger station. The Sydney map displays not only all stations (including those on the Olympic, monorail and light rail lines), but also ferry services. Sydney links are provided to government sites ó rail, bus, ferry, light rail, Tourist Commission.

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