Wagner Reactions
[ Issue 11 ]

Wagner Reactions hold a lot of interest for Emily Bronto

Bikwil can be guaranteed to shout about Wagner Reactions

Wagner Reactions

The previous issue of Bikwil was entirely given up to Richard Wagner, and in particular to his Ring des Nibelung.  Today we hear some reactions to that issue from readers near and far.

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Big Ben Strikes Again


The ginormity of it is only now sinking in. If Wagner’s Ring is the longest piece of music ever written, then fittingly, I reckon, script-wise Bikwil 10 must have been bigger than Ben. A humungous publication it was, actually, and splendiferously satisfying! Believe me, I couldn’t put it down. (I could barely pick it up.) I assume the fat lady has quit singing now?
— Cecil Bieder-Mill

I suppose the Wagnerian Bik
Might have left a few old Germans sick.
But at least such a treat
Gave a fine Ring-side seat,
And, thank God, no ostpolitik.
— The Brandenburg Gatekeeper

While I respect your Herculean efforts, I regret to inform you that Bikwil’s mammoth Wagner offering was far too burdensome for a man of my advanced years and state of health. More to the point, it gave me much too much food for melancholy thought. If this prolixity is a sign of things to come, there’s a sober lesson in it for all of us. Quiet enthusiasms indeed. Runaway bourgeois anti-hero worship, more like it. What about the workers?
— Charles Marks (retd)

I’m Siegfried, and so’s my wife.
— The Full M. Python

Whenever I hear the word “Wagner”, I reach for my revolver.
— Katisha

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