The Vantage Point
[ Issue 11 ]

The Vantage Point delights Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil unveil the charm of The Vantage Point

The Vantage Point

The poem The Vantage Point by Lavinia Godfrey describes the approach of a thunderstorm: the air, the sky, the animals, the birds.

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The Vantage Point Lavinia Godfey


The storm is gathering. The air is thick, sodden with vapours as the heat draws the energy from the things of earth's creation. Gathering momentum, the sky grows deeper into depths of grey. Above the hills the mass of energy moves, floats, projects to here, the earth.

Without the breeze the earth feels like inside a pressure cooker. The animals are restless mischievous eating with an eye to the sky, absorbing as much of the earth's salts as they can digest, to make up for the sweat loss. The birds are busy flitting from limb to limb in agile haste while they gather and eat the prolific berries and insects. The ants move in haste, busily carting boulders and foods to their nests.

The grey mass spreads, opening like a giant, soft hand, out, to caress the clearer sky with deeper colours. The wind rises higher, gently cool. The earth and its creatures anticipate.

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