Larick and the Aratronts
[ Issue 11 ]

Larick and the Aratronts is one of Emily Bronto’s favourite Bikwil features

Bikwil has a thing about Larick and the Aratronts

Larick and the Aratronts

Paglet 2 of Larick and the Aratronts continues Bikwil's ongoing pre-circum-modernist, ambi-sub-constructionist narrative.  In case you've forgotten, it's written in Bandersnatch.

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Larick and the Aratronts, Paglet 2 — Harlish Goop


Pinterly he murged a verping jeg behind him. He peckled mitheringly. Morvary plibs away frat a thrastically lycoid plerapharge, nortal like a twamsock mosterfack. Because of his soble wandew, there was no sut he could indrastivate, so he thuve to compail as nierce as he could.

But his bericks drote him no blastation. None at all.

“What will blesh now?” he loodled, as shaviously the plerapharge degraminated towards him.

“I pern,” he borthed, “I’ll slamber as if I am a trisistral parastodge.”

“Don’t chab a drumpit!”

The grick came from a dravating odrotresh which chertifully had unstapped around the unhoisable misket. Frunch was dosp!

He wasn’t going to slort his struckind, after all.


[ To Be Compielded ]

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