George Gershwin
[ Issue 11 ]

Emily Bronto is definitely one of George Gershwin’s many fans

Bikwil celebrates George Gershwin

George Gershwin

The poem A Grace Note for George by Bet Briggs was written to salute the centenary of American composer George Gershwin.

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A Grace Note for George
[ For the Gershwin Centenary, 26 September 1998 ]
— Bet Briggs



To celebrate his coming
one hundred years ago to-day
hear his Muse of song sing in praise:

In music’s firmament this day
unto us A Star Is Born.
S’Wonderful! Our star’s Got Rhythm,
Fascinating Rhythm. Strike Up The Band,
Sweet And Low-down, Slap That Bass.
S’marvellous! There’s Magic In The Air.
Delishious! What’s grey and drear,
A Foggy Day in London Town
or anywhere, he’ll turn
to Summertime and Rhapsody In Blue.
What’s more, he’ll build For You,
For Me, Forevermore A Stairway
To Paradise with a new step every day.
Who could ask for anything more?
S’Wonderful! S’marvellous! Delishious!
Clap Yo’ Hands, get Fidgetty Feet.
No need to ask How Long Has This Been Going On?
One hundred years ago this day
Love Walked In and drove the shadows away.
He Loves And She Loves, by George!
Now Love Is Sweeping The Country
and sweet embraceable George,
It’s very clear, with Love Is Here To Stay.

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